Alice targets Kate Kane in the new Batwoman trailer


Alice sets her sights on Gotham’s new Dark Knight in the latest trailer for The CW’s Batwoman, and you can check it out here!

The arrival of The CW’s latest superhero series, Batwoman, is nearly upon us.

The upcoming show, which stars Ruby Rose in the lead role, will see Kate Kane take up her cousin’s mantle in his absence in a bid to become Gotham City’s new Caped Crusader. Of course, becoming Batwoman will result in the character crossing paths with a number of the city’s deadliest criminals, including the most unhinged of them all – Alice.

However, Kate won’t be backing down from the show’s Big Bad, as she has her own personal reasons for becoming the new Dark Knight and they all revolve around the fact that Alice kidnapped the love of her life, Sophie Moore.

The hero and the villain finally cross paths in the show’s newest trailer, which you can check out below:

This is now the fifth teaser trailer that The CW has released for Batwoman and the second to focus on Alice. Like the previous one, it highlights just how unhinged and unnerving the character actually is, as she even makes the usually-confident Kate temporarily waver from her stone cold glare.

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Fans of the comics will know that Alice is to Batwoman what The Joker is to Batman and she is, in many ways, referred to as a female version of the Clown Prince of Crime.

With that in mind, it’s rather fitting that she is the Big Bad of Batwoman‘s debut season, as it will allow the newcomer to prove herself a formidable hero that can take down Gotham’s most evil while standing shoulder-to-shoulder with her fellow Arrowverse heroes.

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Batwoman arrives on The CW with its season premiere on October 6, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Are you excited to see Kate confront Alice? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!