Young Justice season 3, episode 24 review: Into the Breach


Young Justice: Outsiders provided some smart plotting with this episode – the first of three for the season finale. Spoilers ahead.

Young Justice: Outsiders‘ twenty-fourth episode (entitled “Into the Breach”) gave the Outsiders team their biggest victory yet. But with two episodes left for season three of Young Justice, the bad guys certainly aren’t done.

Granny’s mistake

The Outsiders team – with the help of Victor Stone – discover that Gretchen Goode has hidden some Apokoliptan tech at her movie studio in Burbank, California. Unfortunately, Gretchen is waiting for them and drops the entire team into the X-Pit.

Essentially, Gretchen has the team beat at this point. The ghost dimension of the Pit just puts the heroes in agonizing pain. But this is where the writers are smart with their characters. Gretchen pulls Beast Boy/Garfield Logan out of the Pit for a one-on-one battle.

Of course, on the surface, this is a pretty dumb move. But it speaks directly to Gretchen’s character. She thinks of herself as the ultimate disciplinarian. And she has a huge ego in this regard. Gretchen wants to teach Garfield a lesson, and this ends up being her downfall.

And despite Beast Boy continually getting back up, Gretchen beats up Garfield pretty badly during the fight. But while this is happening, Gretchen does not notice that Vic Stone is battling Overlord, which is the source of Gretchen’s powers.

When Stone defeats Overlord, the Outsiders are released from the Pit. Stone and Blue Beetle then proceed to destroy the Apokoliptan tech. This makes Gretchen disappear, and Vic then follows with a boom tube.

Vic shines

Gretchen Goode and Granny Goodness are recombined into one entity back at the Orphanage, which is Darkseid’s space prison for meta-teens. The tech that Vic and Beatle destroyed was allowing Granny to have two distinct personalities – Gretchen and Granny.

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While Granny is dealing with her recombination, Vic is able to knock off the control visor on Halo/Violet. Halo is then able to release all the heroes from the Anti-Life Equation. And the heroes proceed to destroy Darkseid’s weapon at the Orphange and release the meta-teen prisoners.

All of this transpired because Gretchen fought Beast Boy. Had she not done that, Vic might not have been able to defeat Overlord. And then ultimately, Vic wouldn’t have followed Granny to the Orphanage and saved Halo from Granny’s control.

The entire episode works on the premise of Granny’s pride causing her fall. This is why it is easy to like Young Justice. The writers are clever with their plots, and they know how to make a story compelling for the viewer.

When Vic and Halo arrive back on Earth, the Outsiders want Vic to join the team. And finally, Victor takes on the name Cyborg – and does in fact join the team.

What’s left

On Apokolips, Darkseid finds out about Granny’s failure. But Granny also tells Darkseid that Vandal Savage was the one that helped the Young Justice team to attack the Orphanage in the first place.

In many ways, Savage’s part of the plan did not work out, as the Young Justice team ended up getting enslaved by the Anti-Life Equation. It was the Outsiders, particularly Cyborg, that ended up defeating the equation. Either way, Darkseid isn’t happy.

On Earth, Lex Luthor’s meta-teen heroes have formed a team known as Infinity Inc. Throughout the episode, Luthor was studying the internet trends of the Outsiders and his Infinity Inc. team – which was neck and neck.

But Luthor stages a fight between his team and the villain Killer Frost, which gets Infinity Inc. trending higher than the Outsiders. This is not much different than what Batman did in staging fights for the Outsiders. So once again, the underhandedness continues to escalate.

And it feels like maybe Batman and his team might have taken a wrong turn with their methods. But the fallout from that may be held over for the fourth season of Young Justice.

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