Willa Holland to return as Thea Queen during the final season of Arrow


An integral character, both in universe and out, is about to make her return for the final season of Arrow.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Willa Holland, who portrays Thea Queen, is set to make her return to Arrow for its final season. Holland left the series as regular midway through season six, as her character left Star City with her boyfriend, Roy Harper. Roy later appeared in both the present day and flash-forwards during season 7 where it was revealed he split with Thea because she used the Lazarus Pit on him.

As this was the last we heard of Thea, there’s much room to explore her story during the time where she isn’t present on the show. It’s been revealed that there are many returning characters involved in this upcoming season, so it’s likely that Oliver will either be traveling through time or the multiverse with The Monitor.

This is how so many dead characters, which could possibly include Thea at this point, are able to reappear on the show. No matter how Thea reappears on Arrow though, it will be wonderful to see her back on the show. Holland always brought an extra layer of nuance to the show, which has been missed since she left.

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For as many returning characters as there will be in the final season, not every character is returning. Back in March, it was announced that Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity Smoak, was leaving the show after the conclusion of season 7. More recently, it was announced that Colton Haynes, who portrays Roy Harper, would not be returning to the show, as well. Their presence on the show will be missed, but it’s probable that they will show up in one form or another during the finale.

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The final season of Arrow will air its premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 13th at 9:00pm after the season premiere of The Flash.