Arrow series finale title and final script page revealed

Marc Guggenheim, a veteran producer of the Arrowverse, has revealed the title of the show’s series finale and the final page of the script.

With two episodes of the last season of Arrow aired, we are pretty much a quarter of the way towards its conclusion. Now, the main title of the very last episode of the show has been revealed to be called “Fadeout.”

Arrowverse veteran and consulting producer of Arrow Marc Guggenheim, who has co-written the episode with showrunner Beth Schwartz, presented the final page of the script as well as the title page. On the final page, part of the stage direction has been emended in, black save for two words, purposely: “Of possibility…” This was shared on TVLine.

The publication went on to remind everyone of an idea Guggenheim had shared with TVLine about a new way to end Arrow’s eight-year run. However, the former co-showrunner of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow discussed “a brand-new scene” he thought up after coming out of meditation, which may take a lot of work to pull off and fit into this particular series finale He said:

“There are a lot of logistical hurdles that have to be crossed in order to shoot that scene. It’s not like we can just film it tomorrow.”

Back in August, Guggenheim went on to add that if the parameters regarding this “new scene” he dreamt up are too difficult to carry out, then they would have to wait and see. According to the title page of the script, prep for that final episode officially began on October 22 and is set to end on October 30. Shooting will begin on the 31st of this month and wrap in the middle of November.

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The scene in question may have been included in an earlier draft, most likely still as a production draft before possibly going through a rewrite from Schwartz. The scene may also have something to do with setting up the future, as a pilot for a spinoff series, under the working title Green Arrow and the Canaries, recently began filming.