3 new anime releases worth binge-watching

The end of the year is upon us, so what are our top anime recommendations for this November?

As the new year approaches, more and more anime titles begin to hit shelves with preparations for the holidays to create more options for anime consumption. With Funimation’s current roster of titles set to be released, there are multiple strong choices to pick up for yourself or as a gift, and we’ve got you covered with our top three anime recommendations for this November.

So what anime do we suggest you check out? Let’s begin!

My Roommate Is a Cat 

There are countless anime series that tend to gravitate towards a more lighthearted charm, and one that excels in the best of ways is the highly underrated My Roommate Is a Cat. The series is as straightforward as the title insinuates, placing us in the all too cute world of a human and feline companion as they begin to try to coexist in a newly formed relationship that neither has had before.

When the series begins, you may think that it will strictly be from the perspective of the human character Subaru Mikazuki, a writer with a disdain for people in general. His lack of interest in people surrounding him is very strong and the mere idea of being in a public place or social setting creates tremendous anxiety for him that is played off as part of the more comedic tone of the anime. When Subaru comes across a stray cat at the gravesite of his parents, a strange act of fate brings both into each others lives when they need it most.

What makes the series so clever is the decision for each episode to actually shift, divided into two parts, with Subaru’s perspective shown first and Haru’s second. This makes viewers see different perspectives of the same events while a (obvious) communication barrier exists.

As episodes progress, we begin to learn more about Haru’s family, their devout loyalty to one another, and even meet a few who have surprising connections to make the series feel much more fulfilling than you might expect for a slice-of-life genre series.

Yu Yu Hakusho Season 2 

This is quite possibly the most exciting release from Funimation, as the insanely influential and popular title Yu Yu Hakusho has earned itself a new set. The new version is a re-release of the second season (episodes 29-56) depicting the Dark Tournament Saga in Blu-ray format that enhances the ’90s title with gripping visuals to match the already impressive narrative and overall essence of Yu Yu Hakusho.

The second season of the anime is what prompted viewers to really fall head over heels for the series, as protagonist Yusuke Urameshi had cemented a team and began to realize the depth of his abilities. The tournament is highly regarded as one of the best storylines in the series, pitting Team Urameshi against a slew of demons that were hungry for blood. The arc introduces us to the raw power of reformed demon Hiei, as well as the transformation from Kurama to his better half Yoko Kurama.

As a whole, the second season works for newer viewers as well (but you’ll love it so much watching in its entirety is best) so for those who aren’t familiar, this is an important re-release to draw in new and old fans with the polished version of a series that remains untouchable.

Fruit’s Basket 

One series that fans might not have expected to receive an anime reboot, is the very popular Fruit’s Basket. The anime originally aired in 2001 (yes, 18 years ago believe it or not) and went on to find a large devoted audience both from the manga, and just discovering the series itself. Some even credit Fruit’s Basket as their introductory anime that eventually lead to searching for others, making it a title that actually feels appropriate to revisit almost two decades later.

The series itself follows Tohru Honda, who lost her mom and ends up displaced after the very real grief she’s experiencing. She then comes across a family that takes her in and as it turns out, they are each cursed/possessed with the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac which they revert to in oddly timed comical moments of the series.

The anime series was already loved for its heartwarming ways, but the choice to return with a new adaptation brought the series into a more modern world of anime where the medium thrives more than ever. This time around, Fruits Basket aims to bring the entire manga run to life which is a major gift to longtime fans who hoped to see the series return one day.

At the moment, the series has hit the same amount of episodes as the first — but there’s still more to come, so don’t fret Fruit’s Basket fans!