The Boys: What to expect from season 2

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Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video

What exactly can fans expect from the upcoming second season of The Boys?

Who would have thought that The Boys would be a hit? The comic book has a ton of vulgar moments and tons of brutality. Granted, there’s a message hidden in the story if you’re willing to pay attention, but some people won’t. Adapting it to as a TV series without watering it down seemed like a challenge. That challenge was accepted and met, as audiences loved it. It’s a fresh take on superheroes. Like the Joker movie, people are looking for something new from their comic book projects, and The Boys delivered that. They started filming season 2 before 1 even premiered and season 2 has finished filming. Jack Quaid (who plays Hughie) says:

“Oh man, no one is ready for Season 2. It’s just absolutely bonkers. I’ll just put it this way, the scale is a lot bigger. I think we’ve topped season one, in terms of insane moments that make you say ‘What the hell?’ I’ve done things this season that are definite firsts for me in my career, and I probably won’t do them again since. Definitely a moment… I can’t give it away, but when you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

If you’ve seen season one, you know that’s a bold statement. We saw everything from the atrocious to dolphin erotica. However, if you’ve read the comic, you know this is only the tip of the iceberg. Considering that one of the creators of Supernatural serves as showrunner, the show is in good hands. Things are going to be revved up, but it’ll all make sense. There are going to be shocking moments, but that’s only part of what makes this show great. Here are some things we should expect from season 2 of The Boys.

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