Titans season 2: Dick Grayson is Nightwing and his costume is here!

After much anticipation, Titans Season 2 confirms that Dick Grayson will don a new suit and take on the mantle of Nightwing, and you can get your first look at him wearing it in the trailer for the finale. Spoilers for Titans season 2, episode 12.

Fans of Dick Grayson have been dreaming of this day – the chance to see Nightwing in live-action. Now we are closer than ever to having this character come to life on screen. At the end of Titans Season 2’s penultimate episode, Dick Grayson visits an old friend to request a new suit.

Though viewers weren’t given a proper look at the costume, we all knew what it signified. And if there was any doubt left in anyone’s mind, Warner Bros. has now revealed the full Nightwing costume for all to see.

The suit looks like it stepped right out of the comic books. It’s not, unfortunately, the Disco-wing outfit with the plunging neckline, but the iconic black armoured outfit with the blue Nightwing logo. Designed by Laura Jean Shannon, and built by Creative Character Engineering, the costume seems to have hit the mark with the internet already blowing up with compliments for it.

From the moment Titans was announced on DC Universe, the anticipation that Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson would evolve from Robin into Nightwing has been the undercurrent of his character arc. While it hasn’t been the smoothest characterization, many will feel that Grayson and the fans have definitely earned this transformation.

To top it all off, you can see Brenton Thwaites’ Dick don the iconic suit in the trailer for Titans season finale! Check it out below:

After Dick burnt his Robin suit to finally put the past behind him during the first season, another aspect of his past came to haunt him in the second season. Having assuaged some of his guilt, it seems that Dick is finally ready to become a leader and a hero again.

The storyline in the show for Dick’s transformation is understandably different from its comic book origins – there’s no apparent connection to the lore Superman told Dick about, and Dick’s journey has been far darker on the show.

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Comicbook.com reports that Thwaites finds the new costume easier to handle and get into character. Considering the weight of expectation awaiting the arrival of Nightwing (and his costume), how well will Brenton Thwaites carry it off? We’ll find out in the season finale that airs next week.