Comic book characters who should be thankful this holiday season

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(L-r) JACK DYLAN GRAZER as Freddy Freeman and ZACHARY LEVI as Shazam in New Line Cinema’s action adventure “SHAZAM!,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Steve Wilkie/ & (c) DC Comics

These comic book characters have more than a few things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season, and it also represents being appreciative. Sometimes we’re guilty of not being thankful for the things we do and don’t have. All of that gets lost among the turkey, stuffing, and multiple pies. Family, friends, and health are things that we should look at and be grateful for. But do you ever wonder what our favorite comic book characters are thankful for? Not just the simple things like Tony Stark being thankful for Pepper or Thor for his hammer, but things like Nick Fury being thankful that eye patches were created. Let’s take a look at some of the things comic book heroes and villains would (and should) be thankful for. There will be some sentimental ones. However, let’s just have some fun, as well.

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Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War..Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans)..Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal..© Marvel 2016

Captain America for the Super Soldier Serum

Comic book project: The Infinity Saga

Where to start on why Steve Rogers should be thankful for the Super Soldier Serum? First, it allowed him to be able to join the military, which is something he wanted to do for years. Second, he should have died in the crash at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. Suspended animation be damned, a regular person would have died. Then there’s all the peak human athleticism. Who wouldn’t want to be able to never get tired, run faster, and jump higher than almost anyone? The one downside is the accelerated metabolism, meaning it takes a lot for Steve to get inebriated. And speaking of accelerated metabolism…

Thor for Godly Genetics

Comic book project: Avengers: Endgame

Thor was finally broken. After everything he’d been through, no one should have been shocked. He hid in his home with Korg and Miek, playing video games, drinking alcohol, and eating junk food for five years. He looked unlike the God of Thunder we’ve gotten used to seeing and developed a beer belly. Considering he didn’t exercise, barely left his home, and drank himself into a stupor, Thor should have been worse off. A normal human would have been a lot bigger. There’s also a plethora of illnesses he could have gotten eating like that and not moving around.

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