Crisis on Infinite Earths: Every DC Comics event ranked worst to best

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Image by DC Comics/Art by Pete Woods

27. Amazons Attack!

After Themyscira vanished during the events of Infinite Crisis, the Amazons are back and they invade the United States. Sounds like a great premise, right? Well, this event unfortunately squanders everything about it. It’s genuinely awful.

For a series with the title that it has, there really isn’t much in the way of attacking in it. Much of the event itself revolves around being told of other events that have happened rather than seeing any of our main characters doing anything. Well, it’s hard to even determine who a main character is because there really is no character that the story is being told through. It just jumps around, not letting you latch onto anything or anyone.

Even worse though, the story makes little-to-no sense. Things that happen in one issue are completely forgotten about in the next. Important plot points for the event are not told in the main series, rather in the tie-ins, leading to heavy confusion. And then, when all is said done, it’s revealed that Granny Goodness was the one who started everything. Great idea with no set-up or payoff at all. This is simply a bad event.

26. Genesis

The Source Wall has created something called the “Godwave.” Something that creates gods, demigods, and metahumans as it passes them by. However, Darkseid attempts to gain control of it in order to control what it creates.

The New Gods are one of the best parts of the DC Universe that is just so rarely utilized. When it is though, it’s an exciting prospect to see what the creative team will do with them. Sometimes, we end up with something great like Green Lantern: Godhead. Other times we end with a boring, lackluster story like Genesis.

Really, that right there is the biggest sin that Genesis commits, it is so unbelievably boring. It feels like nothing happens for the entirety of the event, so even when something does finally happen, it hardly registers as you’re reading it. These are some of the most powerful, interesting and captivating characters in the entire DC canon and yet they are reduced to what feels like constant posturing in this event. Honestly, the whole thing felt like it was trying to recapture Jack Kirby’s original run, but it never felt confident enough to dive into the weirdness of it all.

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