The Flash: Robbie Amell reveals if he’ll return – why Firestorm should come back

Robbie Amell has revealed if he’ll return to The Flash or not – and here’s why it absolutely must happen.

The Flash has introduced many lovable characters throughout its five-year stint on the air, and one of them is undoubtedly Ronnie Raymond. Portrayed by Robbie Amell, the character had a major part to play in the show’s first season and quickly became an enjoyable addition that would have been welcome in a more regular role.

Unfortunately, Amell’s time on the show was cut short when Ronnie was killed off in the Season 2 premiere. Though he would resurface a number of times throughout Seasons 2 and 3 portraying alternate versions of the character, he hasn’t appeared on the show in a number of years.

However, it seems that Amell still holds out hope that he’ll return one day. While promoting Code 8 (the sci-fi film that stars both him and his cousin – Arrow‘s Stephen Amell) he was interviewed by Collider and revealed that he’d be up for a comeback, commenting:

“Oh, yeah. Anytime that they want me to and I’m available, I’m there. I love everyone on that show. Danielle [Panabaker] is the sweetest. Everybody on that show is like family. It was nice to be able to be there, at the beginning, when they first started… If it ever does work out, I’d love to go back, but I also don’t want to step on any toes… I think it would probably just be something small, but I would love it.”

It goes without saying that a number of fans would love to see Amell return to the show, so it’s great to hear that he’d be open to doing it at some point before The Flash winds down (which, in all honesty, probably won’t be for a good few years yet). And there’s certainly scope for a comeback.

The arc in which Amell is referring to was Ronnie’s Season 1 storyline which saw him presumably killed by the particle accelerator explosion – leaving his fiancee Caitlin Snow (Panabaker) heartbroken. However, it would eventually be revealed that he had actually merged with Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber) to become the hero known as Firestorm.

Ronnie’s death in the Season 2 premiere felt incomplete for a number of reasons. Not only was it immediately rendered futile by the fact that the Arrowverse writers replaced the character with Jefferson Jackson – Stein’s new other half as Firestorm as the pair saved the timeline on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – it forced Caitlin to essentially repeat the same storyline she had faced in Season 1.

The love story between her and Ronnie was one of the most engaging that The Flash (and the whole Arrowverse) has ever produced, and robbing the show of that so soon limited storyline possibilities and left Caitlin a little directionless following that.

The ambiguous circumstances of Ronnie’s death (being sucked into the wormhole over Central City) gives the writers an opportunity to bring the character back one day and, given that Amell would be keen to return, it’s an opportunity they should really capitalize on.

Caitlin and Ronnie deserve happiness, and The Flash deserves this wonderful couple back.

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Would you like to see Robbie Amell return to The Flash? Do you think Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm really died in the wormhole? Let us know in the comments below!