7 hot take comic book moments to look forward to in 2020

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192_mk_1080_v1423.1197 – Psylocke (Olivia Munn) is a powerful telepath and trained ninja assassin. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

What unforgettable comic book moments should we be looking out for in 2020?

One of the best things about the new year is the changes. People all over the world use this time of year to reinvent themselves. Start new diets, become better people, get a new job, and so much more. The comic book world is no different. Comic book creators start to give hints about what kind of year our favorite characters will have. Sometimes it’s positive. For example, the X-Men started off this year by taking a stand against humans. They let the world know that they will no longer be bullied or manipulated. Other times it’s not, like the ending of City of Bane (which will be discussed).

But it’s not just the pages of comic books that experience a rebirth of sorts. Comic book movies and shows will have changes coming as well, and news that will influence an entire franchise will continue to drop throughout the year. You’ll also have shows that will revolutionize the way future programs are created and viewed. We saw a lot of that in 2019 (article on that coming soon). Coming up, we have five comic book hot takes, some bold opinions on things that may happen in 2020. Let’s start this list off with something we’ve been waiting to hear for years.

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