Black Panther: 10 fun facts that will blow your mind

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Black Panther is only one part of the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his world includes a rich history and a number of interesting facts.

Black Panther was a massive milestone for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It featured the first African-American superhero and earned scored three Academy Awards, along with a nomination for Best Picture. This goes to show how influential this film became for everyone who saw it. Heck, recently, it even got a shoutout from director Terry Gilliam, who claimed the filmmakers didn’t visit Africa while researching the film. While we know this to be untrue, we’re not going to get into the negatives involving Old Hollywood.

T’Challa and T’Chaka first appeared in Captain America: Civil War before the prince becomes King of Wakanda upon his father’s demise. If you’re a casual comic book fan, you mightn’t know what we view on the screen isn’t what played out on paper as comic book readers might expect.

There are a lot of things that made Black Panther special to its millions of fans. Everything about the film was amazing, from its set design to the use of the Xhosa language. A lot of thought and time went into its production, and I thought I’d do a fact file on the world of Black Panther.

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