Superman and Lois ordered straight to series at The CW

The long-awaited Supergirl spin-off, Superman and Lois, has been ordered straight to series at The CW and we’re so here for it!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Man of Steel himself, and Metropolis’ most intrepid reporter, as Superman and Lois has been ordered straight to series at The CW.

According to Hollywood Reporter, both it and the Jared Padalecki-starring Walker are still in the script stage, and yet the network has went ahead and handed out a series order for them – something it rarely does.

Usually, the-powers-that-be at The CW would wait for a pilot episode to be filmed so that they can ultimately watch it before commissioning, but now we have confirmation that both of these new shows will indeed be joining the 2020-2021 line-up.

Superman & Lois stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth ‘Bitsie’ Tulloch in the leading roles as Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane, as the pair attempt to juggle the responsibilities of being a parent with their daily lives of crime-fighting/reporting. Both characters were introduced on Supergirl – Superman back in 2016 during the Season 2 premiere, Lois during last season’s Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds – and recently resurfaced in Crisis On Infinite Earths.

As Arrowverse originator Arrow bows out in a matter of weeks with its series finale, it won’t be joining Superman & Lois next season. However, the newcomer can look forward to company from The Flash Season 7, Supergirl Season 6, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 6, Batwoman Season 2 and hopefully Arrow spin-off Green Arrow and The Canaries.

Fans have been calling for a Superman series set in the Arrowverse ever since Hoechlin’s Man of Steel first took flight. From his natural charm as Kal-El of Krypton to his excellent nerdiness as Clark Kent, he absolutely nailed both sides of the character, and caught a lot of fans off-guard. That, and his undeniable on-screen chemistry with Bitsie Tulloch’s Lois, ensures that Superman & Lois will be well worth the wait.

We can’t wait for this powerful duo to take flight!

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Are you excited to hear that Superman and Lois has been ordered straight to series? What are you looking forward to seeing from the show? Let us know in the comments below!