Marvel TV: Ranking all 13 Marvel Television shows from worst to best

Photo: Marvel's Jessica Jones.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: Marvel's Jessica Jones.. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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Runaways, Marvel TV
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5. Marvel’s Runaways

The Runaways comic book had one of the best runs we’ve ever seen. It was completely different from the Marvel Comics that came out at the time. This wasn’t a comic about kids saving the day. This was them trying to escape their parents.

When we discover that they’re deplorable people (called The Pride), it was shocking. After finding out the truth, most of their kids rebelled and ran away (get it? Runaways?) from their family. One of the Runaways wanted to continue the family business and ended up dying in the end. All of these things and more were crucial to the book. The show added them and it was the reason it was so well done.

It’s almost impossible to keep everything from the source material and add it to a show or movie. However, Runaways did an exceptional  job keeping the important parts like their powers, personalities, and the shocking deaths. No one was safe in the comic and the same could be said for the show. Knowing no one was safe kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Like some of the other shows on this list, Runaways had a short three season  run. This show could have gone on for at least another five years with the material they had. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.