Marvel: Bullseye is the perfect villain for a Joker-style movie

Photo Credit: Marvel's Daredevil/Netflix
Photo Credit: Marvel's Daredevil/Netflix /

Joker’s success will create a new genre of superhero films and, if Marvel wants to get in on it, Bullseye would be the way to go.

Joker was one of the most successful movies of 2019, and not because it was a comic book film, either. People loved Joaquin Phoenix. His portrayal of a character struggling to live in a world that constantly put him down was masterful and has landed him plenty of awards buzz. Even if you didn’t enjoy the movie, you can’t doubt how good he was. This movie may have used the Joker name, but it became more than just a comic book flick. Since it was so popular. other movies that replicate its formula could be coming down the line, just as Deadpool did with his successful, R-rated project. If Marvel were to get into the game, Bulllseye may be the villain to use.

Who is Bullseye?

Bullseye is one of Marvel Comics’ deadliest assassins because anything in his hands a weapon. We’ve seen him kill people with everything from guns to paperclips. He once caught a fly with spit as it was moving in the air. In season three of Netflix’s Daredevil, we saw some of what he’s capable of. His fight with Matt Murdock was similar to what we’ve seen him do him in the comics. Attacking Daredevil with a stapler and knocking him back was hilarious and true to the character.

But it isn’t the action that makes him a great selection for a project. Bullseye is a hilarious jerk. He takes pride in his job but does it with pizzazz and a lot of trash talking. Despite that, he rarely misses his mark. Deadpool, Old Man Logan, and Elektra can all attest to his skill. He may have been a better Hawkeye than Clint Barton during his time as an Avenger. His origin could be legendary. He was a terrible kid who became an even worse adult. His miniseries, Bullseye: Greatest Hits, is the best way to explain this.

Bullseye: Greatest Hits

In this story, readers got to see who Bullseye was before he was a world-class assassin. He was a brother and the son of a despicable father, who would regularly beat his wife and kids. Eventually, Bullseye had enough and set the couch on fire while his father was sleeping on it. While he arguably deserved it, Bullseye didn’t feel anything. He was actually upset when he found out his father survived.

Later, he was adopted by a nice family. They raised him like he was one of their own, and he eventually became a baseball player. During his first game, he was pitching a no-hitter and stopped on the second strike of the last batter. Why? Because he was bored. He was going to stop but was talked into staying on the mound. He killed the guy at plate with a baseball and said, “Bullseye.” That may have been the day Bullseye was officially born.

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This is just the beginning. There was his time the military and how that leads him to his first confrontation with the Punisher; a fight where Frank Castle was beaten by a very green Bullseye. A Bullseye film wouldn’t be like Joker where you felt for Arthur. Bullseye is meant to be disliked. Nonetheless, he’s entertaining. There’s no way someone would watch this project and not laugh and marvel at his skills. And with the current climate of the superhero genre, don’t be shocked if this idea becomes a reality.

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