Harley Quinn: Relax everyone, Poison Ivy will be back

Joker may have tried to put Ivy down for good, but Poison Ivy will indeed return to Harley Quinn.

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn has been better than expected. The creative team has managed to poke fun at everything the fans have joked about for years. This includes Bane’s voice in The Dark Knight Rises, Clayface being overly dramatic, and Kiteman (Heck yeah!) being, well, kind of a joke. But beyond the comedy, the show is just well done. The animation and character designs have a hint of the old school comics with some modern inspiration as well. Also, things can sometimes get heavy on the show. On episode 10, Harley visited her parents only to realize that they hate her, so much that they accepted a million-dollar hit on their daughter. And in episode 11, Harley took yet another emotional hit — her best, friend Poison Ivy, was killed.

Harley Quinn, ep. 4 “Finding Mr. Right” — Photo Credit: 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Joker took Harley’s idea for a Joker tower and turned into an instrument of her best friend’s death. As Poison Ivy dies, her body plants flowers that immediately bloom, while her life fades away. As if the image of her death wasn’t sad enough, she and Harley had just made up, and it looked like the crew was getting back together. Alas, it was all for not. With all of that said, don’t worry. Chances are Poison Ivy will return.

First of all, comic book characters don’t stay dead long, especially popular ones. Wolverine, Batman, Captain America, and Spider-Man all died and came back two issues later. So we can say that death isn’t permanent. Aside from being a popular character, Poison Ivy is a necessary element for the series. She and Harley are polar opposites that help balance each other out. Ivy is the source of seriousness in a sea of silliness. And there’s something else. In the DC Comics event Heroes in Crisis, Poison Ivy comes back from the dead, so this wouldn’t be the first time Pamela Isley was resurrected.

During Heroes in Crisis, Poison Ivy leaves a piece of herself in a rose. Harley Quinn throws that rose off of a bridge as a way to say goodbye. That rose is eventually picked up and planted by Wally West. Since that rose contained a piece of Ivy, it later merges with the green and, voila, Ivy is reborn (or regrown as she put it). Yes, this is silly, but it’s a comic book. That’s how things go. Now, that may seem a bit ridiculous (and it is), but this is the kind of thing one could definitely see happening in episode 13, which is also the season finale of Harley Quinn.

One of the main things people love about Harley Quinn is that it’s absurd. Bringing Ivy back like this would be both sweet and comical. Wally West may not be the one to bring her back, but she can possibly be regrown using some other method. Maybe it’s Harley’s tears that bring her back. Too Disney?

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No matter what, you can expect Poison Ivy to return to Harley Quinn. Besides great characters never staying dead, people want more of her. Don’t be shocked if it doesn’t happen this season. The next season could focus on Harley coping with the death of her best friend, and there are a number of shenanigans she can get into while she’s in mourning. When Ivy does come back from the dead, the only thing we can hope for is to see that special moment where the two reunite.

What do you think? Should Ivy stay dead? Will she be back sooner than we think? Will she come back at all? Let us know in the comments below.