She-Hulk: The Disney Plus show will feature a comic-accurate, origin story

Photo: She Hulk.. key art.. Courtesy Marvel Studios, Disney+
Photo: She Hulk.. key art.. Courtesy Marvel Studios, Disney+ /

The She-Hulk TV series may give the superheroine a comic-accurate origin that could open the door to the Avengers.

While casting is likely underway for the She-Hulk TV series from Jessica Gao, The Illuminerdi is now dropping new details about the emerald beldame’s show. According to the trade, the series will give her an origin story that lines up with the comics, which even includes her Avengers status.

The report also confirmed that the series is in pre-production, with the project currently searching for an actress between the ages of 26 to 34 to play the lead role of Jennifer Walters. In addition, the casting team is open to all ethnicities and is aiming for someone who has comedic chops. It’s very likely they plan to cast a relatively unknown or C to D-list actress in film and television. So unfortunately, fan-favorites like Jessica Biel, Rosario Dawson, Gina Carano and Stephanie Beatriz probably not in Marvel Studios’ sights.

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The character breakdown also mentions that She-Hulk “she is indeed a lawyer,” who will notably gain her gamma-enhanced abilities from an irradiated gamma-infused blood transfusion. Dr. Bruce Banner is obviously the blood donor and is mentioned. That goes without saying. Interestingly, the description also explicitly states that She-Hulk is a member of the Avengers.

Clearly, Marvel is setting the stage for She-Hulk to not only take over the Hulk’s mantle but to be a major player in the MCU for years to come, especially in future Avengers films. Hopefully, if they play their cards right, the character will not be seen as just a female version of the Hulk and stand on her own.

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It is not confirmed whether Mark Ruffalo will reprise his role as Dr. Banner/Hulk but there’s a chance he won’t want to pass up the opportunity, seeing as this is as close to a solo project he may get. It remains to be seen if She-Hulk’s origin story remains comic-accurate as production moves forward, especially since a director has yet to be confirmed. She-Hulk is set to begin filming in July.