Cancelled Crisis On Infinite Earths cameo would have added to Superman’s legacy

Arrowverse crossover Crisis On Infinite Earths almost had another huge Superman cameo that would have added to the Man of Steel’s legacy.

Crisis On Infinite Earths was an unforgettable and revolutionary accomplishment for television. The Arrowverse crossover brought ArrowThe FlashSupergirl, DC’s Legends of TomorrowBatwoman and Black Lightning together (in what would be the final time for Arrow)  for an event that had been five years in the making.

While it was incredible in its own right just for the near-perfect story and the ambitious special effects, it also featured an unbelievable amount of cameos and references from other non-Arrowverse properties in the DC Universe – both past and present.

However, Arrow co-executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed during an interview with Fake Nerd Podcast (H/T: Heroic Hollywood) that the crossover almost contained a nod to Syfy Superman prequel Krypton in the form of a cameo from star Cameron Cuffe.  He commented:

“We were actually going to have Cameron play a Kryptonian elder, so we could play a little fast and loose with continuity if we had to…When Alura was basically grabbing Kal-El and Lois on Argo to take them to the ship, we were going to have this Kryptonian elder essentially hologram in with important information about the destruction of the multiverse. So that stuff is actually written!

It obviously never came to pass as Alura takes Superman and Lois Lane to the ship as the three of them bid farewell to Jonathan without interacting with anyone else. And that’s a real shame as it could have added to the Superman legacy of the Arrowverse.

Fans will know that Krypton aired on Syfy for two seasons before it was cancelled. It was a Superman prequel set 200 years before the Man of Steel’s famous story and starred Cuffe in the leading role as Seg-El – the grandfather of Superman who must try to prevent the destruction of the planet that ultimately creates one of the universe’s greatest heroes.

Tying Krypton to the Arrowverse through this cameo would have been a welcome development, especially as the crossover already featured so many Kryptonian presences.

Not only did Supergirl (and Superman & Lois‘) Tyler Hoechlin return as Earth-38’s Clark Kent/Kal-El, Brandon Routh reprised his Superman Returns role as the Man of Steel and even Smallville‘s Tom Welling resurfaced in a fantastic guest appearance. It would have been nice if the Krypton cameo could have went ahead as well.

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