Get your Imposter Spider-Man Meme Funko POP now


The Imposter Spider-Man scene from the 1960’s TV show catapulted into pop culture as a meme in the last few years. Now, you can get a Funko version.

Our friends at Entertainment Earth just revealed an exclusive new Funko POP vinyl figure 2-pack that Marvel and Spider-Man fans are going to love.

Surely you’ve seen the double Spider-Man meme floating around on Reddit or social media. A still frame from the “Double Identity” episode of the 1960’s Spider-Man television show, the meme features two Spideys pointing at each other.

Now, you can get yourself a 3-D version thanks to this new Funko POP, which recreates the now classic scene. 

Check it out below.

Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth /

This Funko POP 2-pack just went up for pre-order this morning, and it is scheduled for a June release. You can pre-order yours exclusively at Entertainment Earth for $24.99. 

The limited edition POP pack comes with a background insert (so you can recreate the meme with 100% accuracy) and each figure is a bobblehead that stands just under four inches tall.

Also, be sure to check out the rest of Entertainment Earth’s Funko POP section. There are hundreds of Marvel items available (both in stock and pre-order) for you to choose from. The POPs that are in stock are currently buy one, get one 50% off! This only happens twice a year, so make sure to take advantage!

Check out Entertainment Earth today. 

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