5 Batman movies to watch while waiting for The Batman

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Photo: Batman Forever.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe

The Batman will be hitting theaters a little later than originally expected. But for now, we can take solace in these Batman movies.

Among the many things that the novel coronavirus pandemic brought to a screeching halt to, the on-set production of the next Batman movie was de-fanged, so to speak. And as a result of the current state of the world, production has been suspended indefinitely.

The Batman, of course, stars Robert Pattinson as The Caped Crusader with a star-studded cast behind him. All things considered, the film was ramping up to be the most anticipated installment chronicling the character in quite some time. But alas, we must wait a little bit longer before the film is finished, let alone before we get to see it. The release date itself has been pushed back to October of 2021.

Granted, if you ask Robert Pattinson himself (well, you don’t have to since GQ already asked him about the matter in their latest June/July issue), there is a special silver lining to production being put on pause. In his case, it just gives him a break and stops him from getting burnt out from filming The Batman and Tenet back-to-back, but for us, it means something different.

For us, it just means that we have some extra time to rewatch some of our favorite Bat films and perhaps reevaluate them with new eyes; appreciate them as something greater. But alas, with a huge library of Batman films out in the universe, where to start?

Next, we give five recommendations; specifically ones that’ll get our readers up and ready to see The Batman once it finally does hit theaters.

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