Harley Quinn season 2, episode 10 review: Dye Hard (now with parademons!)

What went down in the latest episode of Harley Quinn season 2 “Dye Hard”?

Previously, on Harley Quinn season 2, Poison Ivy had her bachelorette party. Hosted by none other than her best friend Harley Quinn, they were joined by Mrs. Fries, Ivy’s civilian friend Jennifer (who doesn’t like to be Jen), and Catwoman. However, things got heated on the DC Universe show.

After a couple of drunken nights at Themyscira, Harley and Ivy had sex with the former telling Ivy that she loves her and that they should run away together. But after they got off the invisible plane home, Ivy made her decision – telling her no. She said that while she loves Harley and trusts her with her life, she doesn’t trust her with her heart – leaving Harley crying as the credits rolled.

With that, let’s find out what happened in the latest episode, “Dye Hard”.

Harley Quinn vents in a vent

Harley is back and trying to avoid her feelings. She hopes that she’d be able to go see her gang and get her mind off certain things. Unfortunately, both King Shark and Clayface had plans with someone else (King Shark lets us know that Jesus was apparently a Shark). So Harley ends up going out to try and have sex with someone and guess who she runs into? That’s right! The bartender formerly known as Joker.

During their talk, some goons show up to try and rob the place. Which begs the question, “Why does anyone live in Gotham?” Harley and Not-Joker escape in a vent like in Die Hard. While there, Harley confesses her feelings for Ivy and how much it hurts that she can’t be with her.

It’s kind of cool that the episode started right as the last one ended. King Shark’s marriage is actually going to be a thing and Harley will have to immediately deal with what Ivy said to her. Having her run right into Not-Joker was a smart move as well. Really gets the episode going.


Apparently, some Parademons never left to go back to Apokolips and there’s only one man for the job. Commissioner James Gordon is on the case. So, yeah, Gotham is pretty much going to be destroyed by parademons. As Gordon is giving orders to his cops, Batman sends the Batplane for him. Quite possibly the best day in Gordon’s life. Until Gordon realizes he’s only there to push a button.

You know, Batman may be the most stubborn person in the world. He just can’t sit and do nothing. On top of that, he could’ve had Alfred or Batgirl fly the plane. Instead, he has to fly it from home. Well, it’s a good thing Gordon was there. He helped Harley Quinn and the gang defeat Dr. Psycho and Riddler! Okay, he didn’t, but he added comic relief.

Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn season 2

Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 8, “Inner (Para) Demons“ Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe

The Emancipation of Dr. Psycho

Also, after feeling like he was being treated unfairly (and the fact that he hates taking orders from women), Dr. Psycho teams up with the now super buff Riddler. On top of their team-up, Psycho has a helmet that allows him to control the parademons in Gotham City by himself. During the fight, Psycho takes control of King Shark and Clayface’s minds as well. He wanted to add insult to injury.

Raise your hand if you can’t wait for Harley Quinn to kill Dr. Psycho. He’s a fun character, but he’s annoying. Plus, you may not have noticed, but villains on this show don’t have much of a shelf life. Dr. Psycho’s death won’t be as tragic as Mr. Freeze’s, but it may be the funniest. Who knows, maybe Harley will make him run on the hamster wheel for being a jerk.

Dye Hard Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 10


This was a good episode. Not one of the best, but entertaining nonetheless. You could tell that this was more of a set up for things to come. Too much went on for everything to happen in 22 minutes. With three episodes left in the season, we should expect the same again. It’s all leading up to 13.

Quotes for Quinn

  • Was that really Joker at the end of the episode? If it is, will the acid trick actually work?
  • Will Poison Ivy come and save the day? Will Harley Quinn actually ask for help?
  • Will Batman be strong enough to fight this season? Probably not.
  • Where was Batgirl while all of this is going on? You’d assume she’d be all over the chance to kill parademons.
  • Will Harley get back together with Joker since she can’t have Ivy. Or will love bring the besties together
  • Who knew that King Shark had a taste for parademons?
  • Are you tired of seeing the word parademons yet?
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