Stargirl season 1, episode 6 live stream: Watch online

Stargirl returns to DC Universe and The CW for the sixth episode of its debut season. Here’s how you can watch “The Justice Society” online.

This week, a new episode of Stargirl arrives on our screens. The new DC Universe show has been debuting new installments weekly on both the streaming service and The CW and now it returns with an episode we’ve all been waiting for.

Stargirl‘s debut season has followed Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) as she attempted to live up to the legacy of the man she presumes is her father – Starman (Joel McHale) – by becoming the second Star-Spangled Kid: Stargirl.

With the help of her stepfather Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) – the former sidekick of Starman – she took down the villainous Brainwave (Christopher James Baker). However, Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. soon learned that the rest of the Injustice Society was operating in Blue Valley. And with that, they realized they couldn’t stop them alone.

In spite of Pat’s warnings, Courtney saw this as an opportunity to reach out to a few friends (or, well, future friends) and, in the process, create a brand new Justice Society of America. After initially recruiting Yolanda Montez (Yvette Monreal) to become the new Wildcat, she attempted to follow that up by recruiting the next Hourman. What she didn’t realize was that Rick Tyler (Cameron Gellman) is actually the son of the original Hourman Rex.

In order to help recruit him, she needed the help of unexpected hero Beth Chapel (Anjelika Washington) who became the next Dr. Mid-Nite. And just like that, the new JSA was born.

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How to watch Stargirl season 1, episode 6

Full details on how to watch “The Justice Society.” can be found below. This includes the date, streaming information, start time, TV info, live stream and more:

DC Universe
Date: Monday, June 22
Season: 1
Episode: 6 “The Justice Society”
Live stream: DC Universe

The CW
Date: Tuesday, June 23
Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
TV info: The CW
Live stream:

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