DCEU: 10 actors who could play Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond film

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Photo: Batman Beyond.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe

Rumor has it that Michael Keaton’s return to the role of Batman could bring with it a Batman Beyond movie in the DCEU, but who could play Terry McGinnis?

Batman Returns is one of the best comic book movies of all time, but back when it was released in 1992, we didn’t know that Batman himself would literally return nearly three decades later. Yes, this really is a case of The Dark Knight returns as Michael Keaton will once again don the cape and cowl in the DCEU ‘s 2022 film The Flash, and rumor has it that this will pave the way for a live-action Batman Beyond film.

The Batman Beyond animated series is rightfully considered a groundbreaking achievement as it single-handedly created a new facet of the Dark Knight’s legacy that – much like other creations from the DC Animated Universe – were added to the comic book mythology.

What separated the sequel from parent show Batman: The Animated Series was that the titular star wasn’t Bruce Wayne. No, Bruce may have been part of the Neo-Gotham madness, but he was there to train a Dark Knight for the next generation. And that new hero was high school student Terry McGinnis.

A heartbroken kid out for revenge when he discovers that his father has been killed by the abominable Derek Powers, Terry is trained by the Caped Crusader and, in the process, becomes his successor: The Batman of the Future.

But if Terry does accompany Michael Keaton’s aged Bruce Wayne to the big-screen, just who could play him?

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