The Boys season 2 trailers promise an even more intense season

Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /
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The almighty CEO Stan Edgar

As scared of the heroes as you should be, the company behind them is even worse. Vought International doesn’t care about anything but the almighty dollar. It’s apparent in the very first episode when Robin died. They didn’t offer anything meaningful; they gave a pitiful apology and cut a check for Hughie’s loss. Money that’s more than likely a drop in a bucket to them.

The trailer below showed an even darker side to this. They let us see them meeting to discuss the future of super-powered beings.

The part that stands out more than everything is the casualty allowance. While two people were discussing it, they mentioned that there would be collateral damage. People were going to die due to the hero’s incompetence. Stan Edgar (the CEO of Vought International) says officially, zero percent casualties. He then says,”But, code of silence? 34%.” They put a price on people’s lives while they ate their expensive lunch.

These monsters are aware that the people they employ are a danger to the world, yet they let them run wild so they can fill their pockets with money. Now, here’s the real question: Who’s worse, The heroes that kill or the company that allows it to happen without remorse? Both are equally responsible. However, the owner is the one to blame when a dog gets off its leash and hurts someone.