A new trailer for The Boys season 2 has arrived and it looks amazing

Photo Credit: The Boys NYCC Poster/Amazon Studios
Photo Credit: The Boys NYCC Poster/Amazon Studios /

What should we take away from the trailer for Amazon’s The Boys season 2? Let’s dive right in and find out.

It seems like the closer we get to The Boys season 2 premiere, the more in-depth trailers we get.

The previous two highlighted different things. One showed Black Noir wreaking havoc and decapitating terrorists. During that same video, we saw the red tape involved with managing Vought International. The next one debuted Stormfront who has a completely different look from the one in the comic books.

Both clips gave us a reason to tune in to season 2. However, one thing was missing. Where were The Boys? Well, a new trailer dropped and they were a big part of it.

The Boys are public enemy number one. Their faces and names have been smeared all over the TV with a number to call if you see them. We assumed this was going to happen. Now it’s confirmed. But, never fear. Butcher is back and he has a plan. To no one’s surprise, Hughie isn’t thrilled with the idea of Butcher having a plan. What is his plan? Who knows. One thing for certain is it will involve guns, punches and a lot of blood. The question this writer has is how Butcher escaped Homelander? There’s no way they drop that bomb until the show premieres.

Next up we have the superheroes (that term is used loosely). At the end of season 1, we saw that Homelander went to another country to stop a threat. This opened the door to a huge question. Should super-powered beings be used to fight wars? In the trailer, we see Homelander showing up to rally protesting just that.

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The smart thing would be for Homelander to try and calm the people’s fears, use his baby blue eyes and captivating smile. Too bad we’ve seen Homelander lose his cool and be destructive instead. He does it in the trailer when he uses his laser eyes on a military man. We can guess he’ll kill everyone and leave no trace of him being there, possibly under the orders of Vought CEO Stan Edgar.

We can also see that this is a big concern. Homelander meets with The Seven and says that the world still needs superheroes. Seems pretty heroic. It was until he proceeded to say, “Let’s take these (censored) down.” Another assumption we can make is that this relates to something going on in another country. He’s trying to justify them fighting in other countries; a pep talk to get them on board. This could be how Black Noir ends up killing a terrorist cell – but, knowing The Boys, everything may not even be what it seems.

It seems like every question raises even more.

The Boys season 2 trailers promise an even more intense season. dark. Next

The plot for The Boys season 2 looks as solid as ever, but the core of the series was displayed here as well. We see The Female rip someone apart. Butcher climbing out of a giant dead sea creature (The Deep probably had something to do with that). There’s also the foul language we’re used to and so much more.

We even got a look at Stormfront’s powers. We see her use lighting against the Female. Which is funny since it was The Female’s defeat that got The Boys fighting Stormfront in the comics. If you’re not excited yet, trust this writer when he says you will be the closer it comes to the season premiere.

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