Batman Beyond and 5 other movies we’d like to see in the DCEU

Photo: Batman Beyond.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Batman Beyond.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /
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Green Lantern, DCEU
HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 15: A general view of the atmosphere at the after party for the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Green Lantern” on June 15, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

Green Lantern Corps

The lore of the Green Lantern is so deep and rich that an entire franchise covering the Corps unit always seemed like a no-brainer for fans. The comics have seen so many different Lanterns at the helm – including Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, and John Stewart alone – that it would be feasible to envision a film franchise with different movies starring different Lanterns to freshen things up every time.

Hollywood almost came close to pulling off such a feat when they adapted Green Lantern to the big screen with Ryan Reynolds at the helm. Unfortunately, the film itself flopped critically and disappointed financially and, in the process, put a rest to anymore live action Green Lantern characters.

However, Green Lantern’s biggest flaw in 2011 was that it was a bad movie. Maybe the director of Casino Royale was not the best fit for the movie and maybe the screenplay could have used some work, but there’s enough investment from fans to warrant a second crack at it with the right people involved. And a good movie(s) is going to keep audiences coming back for more.

Fans over the years have especially been adamant about wanting to see John Stewart’s Lantern to hit the big screen. Give us that and Hollywood has a box office hit on their hands.