Marvel’s Storyboards is no longer a Disney Plus series; where will it air now?

Photo: Disney Plus logo.. Image Courtesy Disney Plus
Photo: Disney Plus logo.. Image Courtesy Disney Plus /

Docu-series Marvel’s Storyboards will no longer drop on Disney Plus but will be on a familiar video-sharing platform…

It was announced last year that a 12-episode documentary series Marvel’s Storyboards  would be launched on Disney Plus. However, on July 20, it was announced by Marvel (as reported by What’s On Disney Plus) that this would no longer may be the case.

Instead, Storyboards dropped on Marvel’s YouTube channel and on in a worldwide premiere on Thursday, July 23.

Broken into two bundled seasons consisting of six episodes, the new show charts the journey from the perspective of Executive Vice President and Creative Director of Marvel Entertainment, Joe Quesada, as he investigates the origin of stories and uncovers many sources of inspiration from storytellers from all different walks of life from New York City and beyond. He said of the show as follows:

"“Whether you choose to speak through your words or through your actions, we are all storytellers with something to share. Marvel’s Storyboards captures that spirit and drive behind some of the most incredible voices across film, television, music, theatre, sports, journalism and beyond.”"

No one knows storytelling better than the show’s host himself, Quesada, with a career at the House of Ideas spanning over 20 years, he overseen narrative storytelling through publishing, film, animation and television.

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Founding his company Event Comics with fellow collaborator Jimmy Palmiotti, it was the driving force that kept Marvel afloat following the near-collapse of the comic book industry during the ’90s. Quesada rose through the ranks in editorial and management from Editor-in-Chief to Chief Creative Officer. The rest is history.

Marvel’s Storyboards showcases a variety of talent who tell stories in their own way. From EGOT-winning songwriter, Bobby Lopez, to Golden Globe Award-winning actor and musician, Hugh Jackman; Life of Captain Marvel and multi-award competing writer Margaret Stohl to Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo. Marvel’s Storyboards has been produced by Marvel New Media and BFD Productions. The series is presented by State Farm.

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It is uncertain whether Disney Plus will stream Marvel’s Storyboards at a later date after airing on YouTube and the Marvel website. What do you think of Marvel’s Storyboards? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.