Batman: 5 reasons the Dark Knight trilogy is the gold standard

Photo: Batman Begins.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Batman Begins.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /
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Innovating While Respecting The Original Material

One interesting thing about Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is that as much as he went out of his way to create unique and different interpretations of classic characters, he still made sure those same characters stayed as close to the root of who they were in the comics as possible.

The Joker is still as deranged and obsessed with Batman as ever, but the scars and his “Why So Serious?” shtick adds a new layer. Although the trilogy changed Bane’s origin and the source of his strength, he’s still a cunning villain with as much brain as he has brawn. Plus, Nolan kept the iconic, Bat back-breaking image that defines Knightfall.

The same can be said for classic storylines and motifs from the comics. The Lazarus Pit in the movies may not literally transform someone into a younger version of themselves, but The Pit as seen in The Dark Knight Rises is transformative enough to serve as a rebirth for whoever’s crafty enough to emerge from it.

In different ways ranging from subtle to acceptably on the nose, Christopher Nolan pays respects to the comics which his films were inspired by. He knew where he wanted to go with the franchise without ever forgetting where the source material came from.