Batman: All 7 Joker actors ranked from worst to best

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JokerThe Clown Prince of Crime has been terrorizing fans for decades, so with that in mind, let’s take a look back at every major Joker and rank them.

The Joker is, without a doubt, a legend. The iconic comic book villain first burst onto the pages of DC Comics back in 1940 and has been terrorizing the heroes (and villains) of Gotham City ever since.

Initially more of a whimsical jester with an affinity for cataclysmic capers and perilous plunder, the character evolved with the times as writers would begin to capitalize on his more sinister attributes, with him eventually transforming into a more unhinged character with a larger-than-life personality that thrived on anarchy and terror.

While the vast majority of Batman’s villains are very popular in their own right, The Joker has transcended his genre to become a pop-culture icon – joining his “dear Dark Knight” among the most instantly recognizable comic book characters of all time. In fact, he’s so beloved that he’s even received his own standalone origin story.

Joker was, without a doubt, one of the biggest films of the past decade and, with Joaquin Phoenix receiving a ton of praise for his performance – including a recently won BAFTA Award and an Academy Award – it’s clear that he redefined the role. But he wasn’t the first to do so. With that in mind, let’s scope out the competition as we rank all the major interpretations of The Joker.

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