[SPOILER] makes shocking return in Stargirl’s season finale

Stargirl’s season 1 finale was a thrill-ride of epic proportions, but it was capped off by a jaw-dropping return.

Stargirl rounded out an incredible season with a triumphant finale that saw the Justice Society of America collide with the Injustice Society in the epic battle that fans of the DC Universe show had been waiting months for.

With the JSA finally taking the fight to the team of supervillains, Stargirl (Brec Bassinger), S.T.R.I.P.E. (Luke Wilson), Wildcat (Yvette Monreal), Dr. Mid-Nite (Anjelika Washington), Hourman (Cameron Gellman) and Shining Knight (Mark Ashworth) emerged victorious when they stopped Icicle (Neil Jackson), Brainwave (Christopher James Baker), Dragon King (Lee Nelson) and the ISA’s nefarious scheme.

However, the shocks of the battle were almost outdone in the closing moments of the episode as it featured the jaw-dropping return of Starman!

Welcome to Stargirl, Starman!

Viewers were undoubtedly left stunned when a mysterious man arrived in Los Angeles looking for his old friend Pat Dugan, because that mysterious man turned out to be none other than Sylvester Pemberton himself Starman (Joel McHale).

Starman’s status has been up in the air since the show began because the premiere opened with his death – after he and the rest of the JSA were killed by the Injustice Society. He then entrusted Pat to find someone to carry the torch. Little did Pat know that his successor would end up being his own stepdaughter (or should that be daughter, now?!) Courtney Whitmore.

Speaking of daughters, Courtney herself was convinced that the reason the Cosmic Staff chose her was down to the fact that she must have been Starman’s daughter. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as it was eventually revealed that Courtney’s father was just a trash lookalike, Sam Kurtis (Geoff Stults), who broke his daughter’s heart.

It’s strangely fitting that Starman has once again provided us with a new mystery to solve now. The question is: Where has he been all this time, and why is he returning now? Will he be happy to learn of his successor, or will he or Stargirl have to wrestle the Cosmic Staff from the other’s grip?

Were you shocked to see Starman return in Stargirl‘s season finale? Are you looking forward to season 2? Let us know in the comments below!