MCU: Does Marvel need a dark section of their Cinematic Universe?

Marvel's The Punisher.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Marvel's The Punisher.. Image Courtesy Netflix /
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The Darker side of Demons

This something that isn’t for everyone. It’s shocking that Marvel got away with it in Dr. Strange. That movie was trippy. The creative team did a good job with Dormammu as well. That said, it would have been nice to see him as he looks in the comic books. But the flaming head on the giant body may have been too much for everyone to see. It was a nice change, but how many images will get watered down? What happens when someone wants to create a project with Brother Voodoo?

Brother Voodoo isn’t just mystical. His brand of magic comes from Haitian voodoo. The images used will definitely be too much for some. In New Avengers, he’s used shrunken heads to attempt to find the outlaw Avengers. He’s fought zombies and all sorts of other undead beings that exist only to kill. It’s possible to put him in a PG-13 project, but why stifle a character if you don’t have to?

What about Ghost Rider? He spends a good part of his time in Hell or fighting demons and sometimes even angels. He worked in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but it could have been better. Johnny Blaze fighting the literal Devil in the Daniel Way run of Ghost Rider could give people nightmares – not something that Disney may want on the main page of their streaming service. However, it’s something that fans of the character would absolutely love to see.