How Jason Todd could become Red Hood in Titans Season 3

Titans -- Ep. 105 -- Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Titans -- Ep. 105 -- Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Jason Todd’s death in the Death in the Family comic is one of the most tragic stories in Batman lore. Years later, he returns as Red Hood in DC Universe’s Titans, but how will this happen if the character is not dead?

He’s the Robin people hated back in the late 1980s so he was killed off in A Death in the Family, a Batman story where fans controlled the fate of Jason Todd – Dick Grayson’s successor. Years later, the character returned, but this time as the violent vigilante known as the Red Hood – a transformation that turned him into one of DC’s most popular characters.

The story has retold in the animated film, Batman: Under the Red Hood. Now, as revealed at DC FanDome, it’s about to be retold in a totally different way in Titans. Question is, how could this be done without the second Boy Wonder being killed off first?

Over the years, Jason has become a fan favorite but back when he was created, he was basically a clone of his predecessor, Dick Grayson, that was much more impulsive than his adoptive brother (who was considered cheery and lovable). This did not sit well with many fans of the time.

The DC Universe original series Titans introduced Jason (Curran Walters) in the first season where he was a recurring character before becoming a member of the titular team. During Season 2, he hooked up with Slade Wilson’s daughter, Rose. It was also this season that saw the second Robin go off on his own after a confrontation with Deathstroke that saw Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, die.

With Jason now out of the Titans, where does he go from here, and how does he become Red Hood? Well, there is no way that he will die and then come back the way he did in the comics. If that had been the plan, it would have been done in Season 2. However, we are here to discuss how Jason could go from Robin to Red Hood without having to die.

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Corrupted by Rose

A potential romance with Rose Wilson, the daughter of Deathstroke, was part of Jason’s story last season and she had a load of issues of her own to deal with. She wanted revenge on her own father for the death of her half-brother, Jericho.

What if something happens during Jason’s time away from the Titans and Rose manages to corrupt him to the point where he becomes a blood-thirsty killer like her father, but better?

Could he be under mind control where she can make him do whatever she wants and doesn’t remember doing it? Could this make him become Red Hood?

Then again, he was already hurt by her betrayal – and after losing the rest of the Titans, that could have been exactly what pushed Jason over the edge.

Flashes of Donna’s death

Donna’s death was hard for everyone to swallow, especially since it came during a fight with Deathstroke. Could Jason be so affected by his former teammate’s death that it drives him to avenge her by becoming a mercenary who only kills bad guys and never innocent people?

This idea makes quite a bit of sense. Sure, they weren’t super close, but losing a teammate like that is bound to rattle anyone. After all, he did show up at her funeral without speaking to the rest of the team.

Jason may even blame the other members of the Titans for Donna’s death and this might force him to avenge her by slapping on that signature Red Hood helmet and going after his former teammates.

Bruce pushes him too far

We know that Dick and Bruce’s relationship has been rocky for a long time, given his “F— Batman!” line. However, where does that put the Dark Knight and Jason? In Season 1, Jason expressed to his adoptive brother how much he loved being Robin as he got to drive the Batmobile – something Dick had never been allowed to do.

Bruce has always been difficult when it comes to showing his emotions to his adoptive sons, especially Dick. So, what if in this scenario, he says or does something that pushes Jason a step too far?

For example, Batman’s number one rule is: Don’t kill. However, we know he has broken his own rule. So, what if Jason does something similar and is reprimanded for it by Bruce? This might be enough to have him quit being Robin and then become Red Hood on impulse.

Drugged Up Haze

Given the mature nature of Titans, it would not be too much of a surprise if Jason became Red Hood while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Perhaps his troubles overwhelmed him and he decides to tackle them in a more violent manner, maybe even forgetting what he does when the effects wear off.

The series is known for its original take on classic comic book storylines. After all, it doesn’t use the plot point from the comics where Superman inspires Dick to use the name Nightwing as his new superhero alias. So it’s always possible that it could come up with its own unique method of evolving Jason into Red Hood.

If this were to happen, then it would make a good mystery plotline where Jason and the Titans have to work out why he doesn’t remember killing people.

Presumed Death

So, with Jason now out on his own, he could get into trouble, with everyone presuming him to be dead in the aftermath. This would allow him to resurface a short amount of time later as the mysterious Red Hood.

This would be the closest to resembling the comics that the Red Hood arc could probably come. Just don’t expect the whole Batman picking him up and holding his body part.


Let’s say that something ticks Jason off so much that it makes him absolutely lose it with rage (like that time that Slade Wilson went crazy on Arrow and brought Starling City to its knees). What if he then got a red helmet and went around with guns killing every known criminal in Gotham? That would be the ultimate act of vengeance as he took out his frustrations on the city that shaped him.

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How do you think they will address Jason becoming Red Hood? Be sure to tell us your thoughts below!