Gotham Knights: 9 DC characters who must appear in the upcoming game

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman in Batwoman -- "Grinning From Ear to Ear" -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW
Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman in Batwoman -- "Grinning From Ear to Ear" -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW /
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Damian Wayne

It was somewhat disappointing to see that Gotham Knights hasn’t added Damian Wayne as a playable character. He’s the son of Batman and an engaging Robin. If they only wanted one Robin in the game, it’s not as if Tim Drake doesn’t have other personas or costumes he can use.

As strange as it was, this could also have been a strategic move. Damian could be someone the Bat-Family doesn’t know exists. At the end of the game, we could find out that Bruce had a son he didn’t know about, perhaps?

There might be another explanation. Damian may not be ready to fight the way his father taught him. Damian has a temper and would be ready to kill every villain in Gotham. That would be counterproductive to what Bruce wanted for him. So don’t be shocked if you have to fight Damian in Gotham Knights.


Orphan deserves to be recognized. She’s so good that even Batman knows he may not be able to beat her in a fight.

She communicates by speaking in broken sentences, sometimes only using a few words at a time. It’s because she wasn’t raised to talk. She was raised to be a fighter and a weapon. There was no need to speak. You might think the game would struggle to translate that from page to screen, but it’s something the creators would be more than capable of.

When Batman recruited her, she developed a father and daughter relationship with Clayface that helped them both. They learned that they aren’t the monsters that people see. They were more than tools for violence. With The Outsiders, her and Duke have become friends. Duke is learning to fight from her while he is helping her with emotions.

Orphan may not be in this one, but you can almost guarantee that she will be in a future Gotham Knights project. Even if it’s only downloadable content. She’s too good to not be around.