Comic Books: 5 major moments comic book fans should know about (August)

Cosplayer Jacob Lavelle as Red Hood
Cosplayer Jacob Lavelle as Red Hood /
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Kitty Pryde is back

Comic Book: Marauders No. 11

In the first issue of Marauders, Kitty Pryde couldn’t get into Krakoa. Considering her powers allow her to get into anything, this was shocking. She would never be allowed into the mutant paradise. Then, something else happened. Kitty Pryde was killed in Marauders No. 6.

But shockingly enough, this shouldn’t have been an issue. The Five (Egg, Elixir, Hope Summers, Proteus, and Tempus) should have been able to bring Kitty back to life. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Thankfully, Emma Frost discovered that Kitty’s powers to phase were working against the pods. As Egg said, “We’ll know if there’s a next time.”

Why is this important?

The resurrection protocols seemed pretty straightforward. Each of the five mutants would use their powers to bring mutants back and Charles Xavier would use Cerebro to return their memories. Boom, no mutants stay dead forever! Kitty Pryde providing this challenge is going to help them going forward. There will be more mutants with powers that will cause them difficulties. Now, they’ll be forced to take a closer look at why they can’t be brought back.

The most important part of this is Sebastian Shaw. He killed her and she remembers it. There are rules against mutants killing humans, but what about other mutants? There is going to be a price for Sebastian Shaw’s actions. For now, Emma and Kitty are keeping this to themselves, but that can’t last forever. Shaw could end up sharing a prison with Sabretooth.