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Cosplayer Jacob Lavelle as Red Hood
Cosplayer Jacob Lavelle as Red Hood /
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Red Hood kills *his* Joker

Comic Book: Batman: Three Jokers No. 1

Jason Todd may be the only person who hates The Joker more than Batman. Having been tortured then killed by him will do that. After all, Jason even took Joker’s old criminal name Red Hood because, as he said in Batman: Three Jokers comic book, Jason is owning what Joker did to him.

Despite owning what happened to him, Jason has wanted to kill Joker for years. In Batman: Three Jokers, he did just that. Joker baited him by calling Jason his (Joker’s) Robin. Jason heard that, lifted his gun, and shot him in the head.

Why is this important?

There’s a couple of things going on. First, Jason didn’t seem to feel anything after he killed Joker. All he said was, “I hope that was the right one.” A cynical response instead of a cathartic one. This could be something that bothers Jason going forward. He may ask himself if Joker is right about him being his Robin? Will he give up the Red Hood name now that he’s killed the man he’s wanted to slay for years?

Then there’s Batman. Bruce knows that Jason is a killer. Nonetheless, he’s looked the other way on more than a few occasions. Batman may have looked past Jason killing people before, but will he be forced to disown him for good after this?