The Boys season 2, episode 3 review: Over the Hill With the Sword of A Thousand Men

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage /

Compound V gets exposed in the third episode of The Boys season 2.

Previously, on The Boys season 2, Butcher found a way to get everyone’s life back in order. All they had to do was find the super terrorists. The problem was that it was Kimiko’s brother.

Kimiko couldn’t get him to stop attacking the United States and killing innocent people. This forced her to face a difficult choice: Join her brother or protect the people.

Kimiko reluctantly choked her brother out until he lost consciousness. After getting him into the van, Butcher punched Hughie and gave him a message, telling him that if he gets between him and his wife again, he’ll kill him. When Butcher threatens someone, believe him.

The Boys on a boat.

There’s something to be said for how something major can happen on The Boys season 2 in less than five minutes. That’s the case here. First, Hughie is zoning out on the boat when Butcher approaches him. He apologizes to Hughie and figures that they’d be square. Not so much. Hughie punches him. It didn’t phase Butcher, but thankfully M.M. breaks it up before it escalates.

After that, Butcher and Mallory converse about whether or not Kimiko being the brother of a terrorist will be an issue. He says that if it is, he’ll neutralize her. Frenchie overhears this but Butcher claims that it’s only a figure of speech. Frenchie doesn’t seem to believe him.

This was major. If Butcher continues down this path he’s going to lose the respect of his team. One by one they’re seeing him for who he is. This actually is one of the biggest differences between The Boys comic books and the TV series. In the comics, Butcher knew how to manage and manipulate his teammates. At times, he was cruel, but he always made it better. This guy is selfish and simply can’t hide it.

“You don’t **** with the money.”

Starlight did it. She took the vial of Compound V to the media. Now the world knows that superheroes aren’t born, they’re created. If that wasn’t bad enough, we learn that the parents were given money to give their children the formula.

Starlight watches the news and is proud of herself because she exposed more of the truth. A-Train comes running in and asks what she did. Starlight denies having anything to do with what happened. A-Train looked at her and said, “You don’t **** with the money.”

There are ramifications that neither Starlight or Hughie thought of. What about the heroes who didn’t know? The Deep was told that his powers were a gift. His mother told him that he was special. Come to find out, he’s not. Next we see Black Noir watching the news on a phone and crying.

Yes, The Deep and Black Noir are horrible people, but it’s not about just them. There are other people to think about – all over the world who truly believed they were special. Now, they’ll know that their parents experimented on them for money. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

“The world still needs superheroes”

It’s funny that Homelander can feed people poop with the best of them. During the meeting with Stan Edgar, Homelander gets up and motivates The Seven. He gives a speech saying how they (the Seven) are his real family. That Vought International doesn’t care about them (they don’t). At the end, he decides that it’s time to take Butcher down. In the end, Stormfront and Homelander have a moment. No good can come from this. The Boys may be in trouble if they work together.

The scene was good. It made Homelander’s character better. It establishes him as more than just a bad guy. He’s becoming a tyrant. Villains like that love to make their troops believe in them. Willing to die for them. Dr. Doom and Magneto gave speeches so that they’re people would jump in front of a bullet for them. This scene was Homelander’s moment like this.

S2E3. Over The Hill with the Swords of A Thousand Men. A. Again, flawless.. The Boys

Watching this one, you could see why they dropped the first three episodes together. Everything came together across all three of them and really got you excited for what’s to come next week. The previous two were fantastic as always, but they didn’t have the, “HOLY POOP” moment that this episode did.

The news about Compound V plus everything that happened here sets up the remainder of the season. Well done on multiple levels. It was very funny, the character development continues to improve, and the story always leaves you wanting more.

Down with The Boys

I get wearing the suit for publicity stunts. That said, A-Train wearing the costume in a club was a bit much. He is an attention seeker though.

Stan Edgar’s ability to be calm is admirable. Nothing ever phases him.

Homelander pushing Ryan off the roof was so wrong. It shows yet again that he’s a jerk.

We see that Ryan really does have powers. He actually pretty strong. He knocked down Homelander.

The scene with the whale is more messed when it’s extended. Poor Lucy.

It was great seeing Stormfront really cut loose. Although, it wasn’t great seeing her attack innocent people.

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