DC FanDome: The title for Young Justice season 4 has finally been revealed


It’s been over a year since Young Justice: Outsiders ended with barely any news since. But now, the next season’s title has been released at DC FanDome, which also hints at several ways the story could go.

At DC’s second day of its FanDome event, the title of season 4 of Young Justice was revealed to be Young Justice: Phantoms. This was announced during the Young Justice panel which also contained an exclusive audio play set between seasons 3 and 4 of the series.

The producers of the show also revealed that work was well underway on the season although no release date for it was announced.

Not much else was revealed about the upcoming season regarding its plot however, but the title indicates it could go several ways.

What Young Justice: Phantoms could mean?

The title could possibly be a reference to the Phantom Zone and the main antagonists of season 4 will be Kryptonians, such as General Zod, who have escaped the Phantom Zone. Or, it could mean something more of a literal sense where the series dives into the more mystical side of the DC Universe.

Ghosts have already been introduced in the show (see the episode, “Secrets”), so it wouldn’t be that far of a stretch for them to be a main plot point for a season. Or, it’s possible that the dead teammates for The Team, such as Wally, Jason Todd, and Tula, come back to life this season, albeit, in not the friendliest manner.

There are many possibilities for this season moving forward and who knows if any of the above scenarios are even correct.

As to what platform the season will debut on, that’s unclear right now as well. Season 3 was exclusive to DC Universe, but with other shows on the platform migrating over to HBO Max, it is likely that it will either air on both services or exclusively on HBO Max.

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