DC FanDome: No update on Green Arrow and The Canaries and fans are understandably upset

Green Arrow and The Canaries achieved high ratings and critical acclaim, but the Arrow backdoor pilot has yet to be picked up to series. DC FanDome had no updates and fans want to know what’s happening.

In one of the strangest waiting games in recent TV history, it’s been a long wait for the Arrowverse‘s Green Arrow and The Canaries.

The backdoor pilot for a potential Arrow spin-off aired on screens eight months ago and it received acclaim from both fans and critics while also garnering Arrow its highest non-crossover ratings of its final season. With success like that, fans have been hopeful that it would be picked up to series.

The CW chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz promised fans that the show was still “very much alive” during the renewal/cancellation window while Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim subsequently assured fans that an announcement would be coming soon. The latter then revealed weeks later that he knew things but wasn’t allowed to discuss what’s happening with the show until The CW made an announcement.

Naturally, fans hoped that we would finally hear some kind of update during the second day of DC FanDome, but that 24-hour event came and went and there was still no announcement made. As a result, a multitude of them posted their frustrations online, with many commenting how they just want to know the decision one way or another and that the radio silence from the network is a bizarre way of handling things.

That being said, it’s clear that The CW has some kind of strategy in mind here. Had they passed on Green Arrow and The Canaries and The 100 backdoor pilot Second Dawn, the announcements would have been made quickly in order to allow the network to move on. And yet, there still hasn’t been any kind of announcement. Not during the renewal/cancellation window and not now either.

The potential series would star Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance/Black Siren/Black Canary, Katherine McNamara as Mia Queen/Green Arrow – the daughter of Oliver – and Juliana Harkavy as Dinah Drake/Black Canary.

It’s clear there’s a huge demand for Green Arrow and The Canaries and fans just want to know if their potentially new favorite show has been given the green light. And, after eight months of waiting, you can’t blame them.

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