Marvel’s Avengers: The good and the bad of Marvel’s newest video game

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Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan was announced to be a major part of Marvel’s Avengers. This was both shocking and cool. It showed faith in the character and the new generation of heroes. It was similar to Miles Morales being used in PlayStation’s Spider-Man. Except this time, you got to use Kamala for more than stealth missions.

The story begins with a very young Kamala Khan being a happy fan at an Avengers fan expo. This really showed the heart of the game. Kamala is a fangirl. She loves everything about superheroes and especially The Avengers. All of her interactions with them in the beginning comes into play later in the game. A cool concept that added an emotional core to the experience.

Rating: 5 out of 5

The story itself was fantastic. It had been five years since the Avengers saw each other. There was a lot going on and emotions ran high, especially between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. As the game progressed, you see how friendships are broken and later repaired. As for Kamala, she is crucial to everyone finally getting along. She’s not a throwaway character. This was something this writer was worried about but there was no need for concern because they made her a star, showcasing her personality and her moves.