Marvel’s Avengers: The good and the bad of Marvel’s newest video game

Marvel's Avengers.
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The preview of the gameplay was awe-inspiring. This wasn’t a case where you were looking at a movie trailer and having to go off of that. We actually saw a good portion of the beginning of the game. There was even a Taskmaster sighting.

They also highlighted that each of the Avengers had moves specific to their personalities and fighting styles. Hulk wasn’t going to do backflips and Thor wouldn’t be using a gun. It looked like we’d be given everything we wanted. The good news is, we were given everything we wanted and more.

Rating:  5 out of 5

The functionality of the gameplay was going to be a concern. No matter how great a story is, it won’t matter if the gameplay is bad. Thankfully, Avengers has smooth playability. When you are stringing an attack combo together you won’t land the wrong move despite using the correct combination of buttons.

As mentioned earlier, each character has a specific move set. This was great for gamers who prefer different styles. If you prefer speed, you have options. If you like range attacks and strength, you have that as well. It was also nice that each character had missions that only they could complete because this was a good way to bring them into the game.