Marvel’s Avengers: The good and the bad of Marvel’s newest video game

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Button-mashing fun

And here’s the important part. Is Marvel’s Avengers entertaining? Yes it is. That said, there is a problem. The anticipation is what ruined the game.

After playing any of the Batman Arkham series or Spider-Man and then seeing the gameplay for Gotham Knights, people may be disappointed with Avengers. This writer assumed that this would be an open-world game like the ones previously mentioned. It was disappointing that it wasn’t, but that doesn’t take away from how enjoyable it is.

Rating: 3 out of 5

As much fun as this writer is having, “button mashers” aren’t for everyone. The puzzles on this game are easily solved, finding the secret cache chests are annoying, and so far things are repetitive. Now I can pick my which of the Avengers I’d like to use. Hopefully the new additions to the game will add more entertainment.

Is Marvel’s Avengers worth the money?

As much fun as this writer is having, Marvel’s Avengers isn’t for everyone. Some of the reviews have been a bit harsh, but a lot of the criticism has been justified. However, if you enjoy fighting games that don’t require much thought, buy the game and zone out. You’ll enjoy every minute of it. Now, if you’re looking for something that requires you to solve intricate puzzles, this isn’t the game for you. If the latter is the case, wait for the inevitable sale and grab it. One thing may be certain, you don’t need the $79.99 purchase (totally regretting that).

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