The Boys season 2, episode 6 review: The Bloody Doors Off

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/Jasper Savage /
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Frenchie comes to the forefront

This writer is a huge fan of backstories. Especially when they’re done properly. Frenchie’s story isn’t one that we may not have known we wanted, but it’s one we needed. Not only did we get to see where he was before he joined The Boys, but we were given a glimpse into why he was recruited. Grace Mallory grabbed him because he’s smarter than he lets on.

He found ways to take out criminals with basic things. For example, Frenchie weaponized xanax on a superhero who’s powered by rage.

We never really knew what he brought to the team until now. Sure, he’s good in a fight, but people like that are a dime a dozen. Here, we finally got to see how good he is.

There’s something else great about this episode too. We get to see Frenchie as more than just a criminal; he’s emotional. Seeing him lose control in the room with the medication wasn’t like him. He’s usually calm and cool – even when he’s drunk and high. But this was different. His character evolution is getting better and better. Hopefully we’ll see more of this throughout the series. Especially with M.M. We’ve only seen part of what’s going on with him.

Right now, though, the spotlight belongs to Frenchie.