The Boys season 2, episode 8 review: What I Know

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Studios
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Panagiotis Pantazidis/Amazon Studios /

Strap in, the finale of The Boys season 2 is intense from start to finish.

The previous episode of Amazon’s The Boys season 2 certainly blew some minds. Yes, this review is starting with a bad pun. The joke may be awful, but it’s also true. We saw a plethora of people have their heads blown up in the final courtroom scene.

The entire world watched as innocent people were killed on TV – that includes The Boys. They watched as Jonah Vogelbaum died in that scene as well. With him went their final hope of exposing Vought International. What happens now? Let’s find out in the season 2 finale of The Boys: “What I Know”.

Follow the L.A.W.

The opening of The Boys‘ season finale was another example of how the creative team is aware of the real world and how it would be if super-beings were real. We begin with Homelander talking about what to do if there’s a supervillain attack in the school. And what do you do? Follow the L.A.W. An acronym chosen perfectly as a subliminal message. L: Lock all doors and windows. A: Arm yourself. W: Wait for a superhero. If that wasn’t bad enough, law enforcement will be getting Compound V for first responders.

As disgusting as the idea is, you have to admit that it’s pretty eye-opening, also highlighting that, if there were people with superpowers, there is the possibility that this could happen. Kudos to the staff for not only opening with an eye catching moment, but being aware of the news and how it would affect this reality. Also, the L.A.W.? That’s pretty clever. People would use fear to get whatever they wanted.

Queen Maeve quits

The Boys were arming for super-bear. They had a missile strapped with an EMP, M.M. had enough Efrenefren to blow up Black Noir’s heart, and, of course, a bunch of guns. Hughie wasn’t comfortable with killing every supe and it didn’t look like Starlight was either. So Starlight tried one more thing: She was going to try and get Queen Maeve to testify in front of the world. Maeve vehemently declined.

Maeve passing on Starlight’s request was like her character in The Boys comic book. She gave up after something terrible happened to her. It happened in the comics and it happened here. No one can blame her. She felt that even if she helped nothing was going to change. On top of that, she was tired of trying. It wasn’t something she did lightly. Nonetheless, she was done.

“I can’t lash out like some entitled raging maniac.” – Stan Edgar

This was one of the more unexpected moments in The Boys‘ season 2 finale. Billy Butcher met with Vought International’s CEO Stan Edgar. What in the world could they have to talk about?

The pair discussed Homelander’s son Ryan. With Ryan around Homelander, Vought’s one plan against him doesn’t work. It’s a mutual need: Butcher wanted Ryan away from Homelander for Becca’s sake, Edgar wanted to control Homelander. Butcher told Edgar that he can get Ryan away. The one condition? Becca stays with him.

Two of the smartest and most manipulative people on the show in the same place and the scene didn’t disappoint. Everything about this moment was as perfect as it should have been – Butcher didn’t get scared despite having guns pointed at his head, Edgar didn’t compromise himself because he was offered something he needed and he even dropped a line that this writer will never forget.

When Butcher asked why he wasn’t upset with Stormfront being racist, Edgar admitted he was. His response was perfect. “I can’t lash out like some raging entitled maniac. That is a white man’s luxury.” A dose of harsh reality for Butcher.

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 Girls get it done

Stormfront has needed her comeuppance all season. Finally, it happened in the finale. But it wasn’t The Boys who gave it to her; it was the girls – or rather, the women – who got it done.

Just as things seemed bleak, Queen Maeve showed up to help The Boys. Kimiko, Queen Maeve, and Starlight subsequently gave Stormfront the beating of her life, causing her to lose an eye – just like it happened in the comics.

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that Stormfront was… neutralized.

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Down With The Boys

  • Billy Joel being a constant throughout the season was a nice touch.
  • Queen Maeve’s attitude was reminiscent of her character in The Boys comic. You have to appreciate the transformation.
  • Stan Edgar turning down the Fresca was hilarious.
  • The Boys’ reacting to Butcher being loving is the most underrated moment of the series.
  • In what world was bringing Ryan in public a good idea? He’s been isolated his entire life and now he’s surrounded by strangers.
  • Another comic book complaint. Hughie’s parents were a big part of his life. Now, his mother just left him at age six. However, it did explain why he’s the way he is.
  • Stormfront getting what she deserved was the icing on The Boys cake.
  • After all of that, The Deep is back where he started.
  • Well, we know who’s blowing up heads.

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Did you enjoy The Boys season 2 finale? What did you make of The Boys season 2 as a whole? Let us know in the comments below!