No, Tatiana Maslany won’t be playing She-Hulk after all

Looks like Tatiana Maslany won’t be playing She-Hulk after all

2020 has been a weird year for everyone and that certainly applies to comic book fan. We’ve had the delay of both MCU movie Black Widow and DCEU film Wonder Woman 1984, Loki and Iron Man lifted Thor’s hammer in the comics, and Batman left joker to die in the end of The Joker War. If that wasn’t strange enough, even regular and trusted new sources aren’t getting stories right, apparently because it looks like we don’t actually have an actor playing the Sensational She-Hulk.

In a recent interview, Tatiana Maslany revealed that she hadn’t signed up to play Jennifer Walters in Disney Plus’ She-Hulk project simply because it’s not actually a thing. She told the Sudbury Star,

“That actually isn’t a real thing and it’s like a press release that’s gotten out of hand. It’s totally not — I’ve been connected to these things in the past and press has gotten onto it, but it’s not actually a thing, unfortunately,”

If not Maslany, who will play She-Hulk?

If we’re being completely honest, this won’t be the last time something like this happens. That being said, it did seem pretty legitimate given that it came from various major outlets and was never denied by Maslany or Marvel Studios – something that does seem a little odd considering how major of a project the upcoming TV series is. But, as the saying goes, c’est la vie.

It is a shame that Maslany won’t be portraying the role of Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk after all. And it’s clear that nobody saw this coming because it was never positioned as a rumor (which is why we at Bam Smack Pow never put the word “rumor” in the headline when it was announced). It felt like a legitimate announcement and the lack of a denial from Maslany and Marvel in the weeks that followed added to that authenticity

While She-Hulk still lacks a lead, but the idea of Tatiana Maslany was fun while it lasted.

What do you think about this? Would you have liked to have seen Maslany’s She-Hulk? Let us know in the comments below.