Comic Books: 9 major moments comic book fans should know about (October)

Photo: Batman Beyond.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Batman Beyond.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /
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Red Hood is on his own (again)

Comic book: Red Hood: Outlaw No. 50

Jason Todd (Red Hood) loves saying that he’s a loner. A quick look at his past and you’ll notice that isn’t true. He’s been Robin with Batman, led his team of Outlaws, is one of the members of the Bat-Family and tried to tutor the next generation of villains. He’s very much like Wolverine in that way. Jason says he’d rather be alone but then you’ll eventually see him on a few teams.

For the last nine years, Jason Todd was the leader of two Outlaw teams but now, the vigilante really is on his own. Bizarro took over for Trigon and Artemis left saying he didn’t need her anymore. So what now?

Why is this important?

Jason Todd is truly on his own. After Red Hood had a bit of a falling out with Batgirl and Batman (Batman: Three Jokers No. 3), this new part of his life should be interesting. Jason was willing to give up his life as Red Hood if Barbara would be with him. Except she never received his letter. Jason will be heartbroken and may go back to killing villains.

Jason wants to be a better person, but he struggles. He always seems to get abandoned. Sometimes people die, leave for outer space, or move on to do different things. This may cause Jason to remain solo for a while. This writer welcomes this. Let’s see what he can do.