Comic Books: 9 major moments comic book fans should know about (October)

Photo: Batman Beyond.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe
Photo: Batman Beyond.. Image Courtesy Warner Bros. / DC Universe /
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New changes for the Fantastic Four

Comic book: Fantastic Four No. 25

Dan Slott just celebrated writing his 25th issue of Fantastic Four. 25th issues usually contain things that will affect a series for the foreseeable future and this issue was full of them. First off, Franklin Richards used the last of his powers. With that came losing access to the Krakoan gates. The Fantastic Four now have a device that will allow them to travel anywhere. Something that enemies from all over will be coming for. Lastly, we have Uatu who’s made Nick Fury his new Herald.

Why is this important?

First, Franklin is going to be distraught over losing his powers. Without them, he may not have any reason to go on any missions with his family. He also can’t go to Krakoa to be with his new friends. He’s all alone. It’ll be interesting to see how he takes this and if he gets his abilities back.

The teleporter that Valeria created will take them anywhere. The furthest corners of the universe are now accessible with the flip of a switch. Who will be the first person to come after it? Even money says the Wizard. He’s usually the first person to attack the Fantastic Four.

Nick Fury being the Watcher’s herald isn’t the big news. The big news here is that Nick Fury is back in action! No longer bound to his chains on the moon, he’s back to fighting. Will he come back to Earth? Will he be welcomed? How will Thor react to seeing him? After all, he was the reason Thor became unworthy.

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