X-Men: Predicting which characters may die in X of Swords

Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)
Cosplayer QUIKCOSPLAY dressed as Storm (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images) /
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Captain Avalon

Brian Braddock was once Captain Britain. As it was mentioned earlier, that mantle now belongs to his sister Betsy. Wolverine mentions in Marauders No. 14 that if he’d just had sex with Saturnyne that this war wouldn’t have happened and people didn’t have to die. Since Brian is married, he declined her advances.

Chance of death: High

Brian Braddock is an honorable man. He isn’t going to cheat on his wife. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel bad. He understands that declining Saturnyne could save lives. This guilt is going to cause him to lose this fight. It’s that simple. If he survives it’s because he gave Saturnyne what she wanted.


“He’s the best there is at what he does, but what he does isn’t very nice.” Wolverine says this because it’s true. He’s the best at killing people. Despite popular belief, Wolverine doesn’t just swing his claws. He’s a skilled warrior  – both in hand-to-hand combat and with a sword.

Chance of death: Laughable

Wolverine is always used to show how great someone is. His tarot card says “Strength” and shows Logan getting choked out. A loss, but not death. However, the explanation of the card says it’s strength of will and character. Logan may appear to be losing, but his will to win is going to give him the victory. Also, in Marauders No. 14 (this issue keeps coming up), one of the combatants of Arakko put something in Logan’s food. Logan will overcome this and achieve victory. Plus, when Gorgon dies, Logan will replace him as a Great Captain of Krakoa.

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