The Boys: How would each character fare in the Marvel or DC Comics universes?

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The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /
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A-Train is the cliché NBA player. He takes his money and spends it on big parties for his entourage and things he doesn’t need. He bought Prince’s guitar for no reason other than just because. Mistakes like this are the reason he’s broke. All in all, however, A-Train isn’t a terrible guy. He just needs guidance from someone who’s been through the same things. Something he could get from Luke Cage.

It would be easy to see Luke taking A-Train under his wing. He’d see a lot of him in himself- a young kid who was making a lot of bad decisions. With Luke’s help, he could redeem himself for what he did to Robin and for all the other things we don’t even know about. It would take a while, but he’d eventually get there.

That’s the thing about Luke Cage. He wants to see people succeed. Especially people that look like him. He hates seeing black men making his community look bad when they should be building it up. After some counseling, A-Train could be right beside him and Iron Fist in Heroes for Hire. Although, not sure how him and Jessica Jones would get along. She’d probably end up throwing him into a wall.