The Boys: How would each character fare in the Marvel or DC Comics universes?

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Queen Maeve

Other than Starlight, Queen Maeve is the only person on The Seven that wants to do a good job. Failing to save the people on the plane still haunts her. Can you imagine what her life could have been like if she would have been on there with anyone from the Justice League? She could have saved their lives and, at the very least, given people some hope. Maybe even stayed with them until the end. If she wasn’t surrounded by horrible people she would actually have become a great hero – not just one on commercials and for publicity. Instead, she was used and threatened.

Maeve needs a team that’s all about redemption. You can place her on any of the Avengers rosters. If you look at their teams, a lot of their members are former villains. Hawkeye, Scott Lang, and Scarlet Witch are only a few. Maeve would fit right in. Steve Rogers would get on her about the smoking and language, but he’d respect her.

Another important thing in her personal life is who she dated. No one on the Avengers would question it or use it to make money. They would just want to see her happy – a refreshing change from what she’s used to dealing with.