Wonder Girl is officially coming to The CW’s Arrowverse

Photo Credit: Young Justice: Outsiders/DC Universe Image Acquired from Warner Bros. Television
Photo Credit: Young Justice: Outsiders/DC Universe Image Acquired from Warner Bros. Television /

A new superhero looks to be joining the Arrowverse and she goes by the name of Wonder Girl.

In an exclusive report from Deadline, it has been revealed that The CW developing a Wonder Girl television series.

Will this series star Donna Troy or Cassie Sandsmark, the first and second Wonder Girls, respectively? As it turns out, neither will be the featured character. Instead the show will star Yara Flor as Wonder Girl – who will be the first Latina to headline a DC superhero television series. The series will be headed by Queen of the South showrunner Dailyn Rodriquez.

Not much can yet be said about who Yara Flor is as a character as she won’t make her first comic appearance until January where she will appear as Wonder Woman in multiple titles of DC’s Future State event, including a solo title written by and with art by her creator Joëlle Jones.

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As for her description for the series, the character will be a Dreamer who is the daughter of an Amazonian Warrior and a Brazilian River God who then takes on the title of Wonder Girl. There’s no mention of either of the other Wonder Girls in this report, or even Wonder Woman, but from the sounds of it, this series would be the perfect place to introduce them into the Arrowverse. Themyscira has already been shown in Legends of Tomorrow, so now would be a perfect time to bring them fully into the fold.

The report also mentions that Jones will be writing and providing art for a Wonder Girl series for DC Comics, albeit without a publishing date. This is the first that said series has been brought up in an official capacity and more than likely will spin out of Future State in March or April.

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